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Prishubh EdTech Pvt Ltd is the first education care company in India. Although the company had been working since 2013, but after a proper registration and, the company has been working since 17 March 2017. CCC focuses mainly on student AIM, their career and makes them aware and responsible about their study and goals. If a person wants to know the reason behind their unsatisfied behavior towards their profession then he must take out time for himself and sit silently and think about it, he shall realize that he is only the reason behind his failure.

He should know his responsibility, understand himself, and understand his own requirements and capabilities then only he will understand the AIM of his life.

Once you are clear about your AIM, planning should do and you must know how to plan so that you can achieve your AIM. People actually failed here because they do not understand where to start and where to end. Well, there are lots of things on which success factor depends. And there are lots of dependencies that we are going to train our students. That’s what we are Creator Career Care. We create a path for students to the achieve their career aim and take care of them while they are busy working for their AIM.






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Chandan Pandey


Preeti Pandey

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